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Project Description
With this PHP object you can authenticate and send push notification to Windows\Windows phone 8.1 via WNS. 

codeWindows Notification for PHP

If you for some reason need a push notification service in premise with PHP language, maybe this script can help you to complete your task.


Windows Notification for PHP is an object thought to be an efficient and simple way for on premises push notification services for Windows\Windows Phone 8.1 platforms.
You can use it for authenticate to WNS, send push notification via WNS and managing the various opening scenarios with push notification.

Hope that this can help someone to write a good push service  


After you got the SID and the client secret from the Windows Developer Dashboard, you need to set the class WindowsNotificationClass attributes:


$ClientSecret = <YOUR CLIENT SECRET>


Now you’re ready to use the WindowsNotification object!


Please check the documentation: How to use



Storage and Database

Note that Windows Notification for PHP doesn’t implement anything for storage and database. This object should be used just for WNS interaction and the main script service flow must be chosen by service engineer.


If you get a "Not Connected status" for a notification, it is your choice resend the notification on that channel or delete it.

Or maybe, if a channel is expired, you can choose to remove it from permanent storage (db,file, etc.) by the new channel registration step (from the application) or after an invalid response from WNS.

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